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T.F.C.T main products are chip electronic component automated inspection machines (AOI) that are apt for passive components, capacitance (RLC) and semiconductors, resistance, inductance, LEDs, diodes and other wafer-based components. CCM works with focus on the designing and developing optical sorting machines and fastener molding machines that are globally marketed under the brand name of CCM. These machines are widely sold to fastener manufacturers in the aerospace and automotive industries.

With the acquisition of T.F.C.T., CCM has made diversification in its products and adopted multi-brand marketing for meeting the diverse requirements of customers. With their support, we have further improved our production efficiency, conducted material consolidation and attained the combined effect of enhancement and technology integration.

In order to enhance process quality and implement quality management policy, we have also successfully developed a process control system. The products we offer are integrated with our self-developed software system. Furthermore, our company has a comprehensive sales and service network that listens to the requirements of customers and introduces products as per their requirements.

With A Champion Mindset, Let Stand Out Conspicuously

We are running our operations with the philosophy of Understanding the requirements of customers and Transcending expectations of customers. CCM is solely dedicated towards providing maximum added value with its total solution from controlling the origins of fastener production to the last stage of finishing work of goods inspection. Currently, we have eight offices in Taiwan & China,  and our products including Process Monitoring System, Screw Bolt Sorting Machine, Bolt Former Machine, Monitoring Surveillance System, etc. are sold to over 30 countries. We never make compromises with the quality of our products and business services to become the No. 1 manufacturer of industrial fastener equipment. We also strive to transform the traditional manufacturing industry into a precision technology industry.

Join CCM Family

For our company, employees are the most crucial asset. The employees of our company enjoy gym facilities, air conditioning offices and excellent compensation and benefits. Our company has such a corporate culture that we take care of every employee and we want to see them successful. We know that a good work atmosphere makes an employee excellent performer and makes him manage his/her own career to the full potential. Being among the leaders of the market, we attract customers with profits, rewards and training sessions. We also inspire talent and always welcome talents with different backgrounds to join our company. 

Milestones We Have Set

It has been decades since our formation and when we look back, we feel immense pride. We have covered a remarkable journey in the market, which makes us successful and a renowned entity in the industry.

September, 1992: To design & manufacture vibratory feeding machines and other related machinery, with a start-up capital of NTD 400,000, two people started Kawada.
September, 1994: To register CCM exquisite machinery, the company was formally established.
March, 1999: Commenced business of selling several screw cap packaging machines.
April, 2000: Started doing research & development tasks related to Optical Screw Sorting Machine.
September, 2004: We expanded our factory building to a total 5300 square meter set up. To meet the demands of fasteners in the market, screw sorting machines were increased in numbers to a total 30 sets. 
October, 2004: Launched in the market our exclusive PS-1500-C2 Screw Sorting Machine.
February, 2005: Attained ISO 9001:2000 certification.
March, 2005: Launched PS-1500-C3 (3 Cameras) for sorting Head Marks, Head Cracks, etc. 
February, 2007: Received CE Certificate.
April, 2007: Successfully developed the function of sorting screw wheel cracks and provided patents in various countries.
March 2009: CCM new factory, Kaohsiung Plant One was started.
April, 2009: Launched new machines including PSD for longer bolts and PSC/PSG for nuts. 
November, 2009: Received the 16th SMEs Innovation & Research Award in Taiwan.
February, 2010: Registered our name in the Top 5 Best Products of 2009 in the US fastener market by FASTENER, a screw technology magazine, which has global recognition for its innovation strength and R&D. 
March, 2010: Launched several new models and began operations at the new factory in Kunshan (Quanying Machinery Co., Ltd.).
December, 2010: Worldwide sales of our machines reached 600 sets.
March, 2013: Made investment of 350 million NT dollars on new factory & building, land occupying 10000 square meter. 
July, 2013: Got 10% equity interest in Kunshan Quan Ying Automation Equipment Co.
October, 2013: Started Dongguan branch of Kunshan Quan Ying Automation Equipment Co.
December, 2013: To serve customers in Taiwan, we set up a branch in Taichung.
March, 2014: Commenced Ningbo branch of Kunshan Quan Ying Automation Equipment Co.
April, 2014: To cater to the requirements of more customers on the mainland, we started a branch in ChongQing. 
August, 2014: Commenced a business unit of Bolt Former. 
November, 2014: In Taiwan, we received the 21st SMEs Innovation and Research Award. 
January, 2015: Began operations at CCM new factory (Kaohsiung Headquarters)
October, 2015: We launched our IPO (Initial Public Offer)
December, 2015: Our chairman, Alex Wu won the 35th Model of Taiwan Entrepreneur Award
April, 2016: CCM (2070) was officially listed in the stock market
October, 2016: 25th SMEA award was won by CCM
December, 2016: For excellent transformation guidance in the industry, we were awarded by the economic department screw/ nut industry.
November, 2018: Smart Machinery Golden Awards was won by CCM.
December, 2018: At the emerging stock market, CCM (2070) officially became a public company.
January, 2020: Acquired TFCT and with which we entered the passive component industry. 

Standard Certification

In the journey, we have received many awards, certificates and recognitions, because of our excellent work and product launches. Some of our achievements are:

  • The SMEs Innovation and Research Award in Taiwan - Wheel Crack Sorting Machine
  • The SMEs Innovation and Research Award in Taiwan - 360 Degree Thread Damage
  • Intelligent Machine Gold Award
  • Dun & Bradstreet D-U-N-S Registered
  • TV Rheinland Taiwan Trade Supplier Verification
  • ISO 9001-2015 Certificate

Corporate Social Responsibility

Since inception, the company has formed a CSR Code of Practice, which has been implemented for having sustainable development and abidance with our social responsibility for planning and management.

Our Board of Directors and the Management Department have formed the CSR Management Committee of the Company.  

Protecting Social Welfare

In order to protect  the social welfare, at our company, we are following various labor acts including the Sexual Assault Prevention Act, the Gender Equality Act and many other related laws and regulations.

Currently, we are following Articles of Incorporation of Company and several other laws and regulations, and according to them, our profits are submitted to the Board of Directors and further approved in the meeting of shareholders to implement bonuses.

We periodically organize functional training courses for employees as per their job requirements and career plans. We also encourage our employees to attend classes and provide many internal & external training channels for enhancing professional skills, management training and their self-development.

In the marketing and labeling of products and services, our company follows relevant laws and regulations as well as international standards. Our company has set the Code of Conduct for Integrity and the Procedures and Conduct Guidelines for Integrity Management. These codes and guidelines also include specific policies on consumer protection and complaint procedures.

Working Environment

Providing a safe, comfortable and healthy working environment to our employees has always remained important for us. To do so, we have implemented necessary access control measures, established an employee lounge & gym and provided labor safety education and training.

Our company also ensures to provide the necessary labor safety education & training, access control measures and employee rest rooms. Considering the safety and health of our employees, we have built an employee gymnasium so that employees can take care of their fitness. We also periodically implement employee safety and health promotion programmes and conduct annual employee health checks.

Social Welfare

At our company, we always encourage employees to participate in charity events, which take from the community, give back to society spirit. We believe that corporate profits are not just the result of enterprise operation but also of the factors such as general environment, community and culture. Apart from sponsoring education/academic research, and conducting artistic culture etc., with our CCM Emergency Assistance Foundation, we provide more appropriate care and assistance to vulnerable groups.

Poverty is something about which we all have heard but not experienced ourselves. As a responsible citizen, we believe that it is our duty to not let these people go on a journey of no return for money. We believe that with the support of all of us, we can form a virtuous social atmosphere. 

CCM remains ready to shoulder the burden of its corporate social responsibility and regularly practice good business ethics.

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